Who is this course for?

  • You don't feel like you're following your own interests
  • You've been feeling isolated for a long time
  • You've been struggling going at your problems alone
  • You consider yourself an introvert but you want to experience being extroverted
  • Your current social circle doesn't fit the real authentic you
  • You don't know who the real authentic you is
  • You want to experience social acceptance
  • You feel like your connections are shallow and you want more depth
  • Your current social circle isn't interested in what you're interested in

If you want a deeper description of what I'm talking about here, check out the free preview video Attending Events as a Tribe! It was a great group video call with friends who've gone through transformations and alignments with their social circles.

Also check out the free preview article Social Acceptance.  This is the motivation behind this course and what I want you to experience.


I used to be very introverted, closed off and distrusting.  I kept to myself because I saw no reason to connect with others.  Looking back now, I realize that was an unconscious choice to isolate myself!  

Isolation is what I saw and experienced growing up and what I was comfortable with, but I didn't understand the benefits of a great social circle until I saw someone with a great social circle that fit him.  It inspired me to use the different social skills I was seeing to create a social circle that fit me.  When I really felt like I was able to express all the different parts of myself socially in different groups, it made think that other people have to know these things I've learned.  That's the point where I started creating this course.

It was a lot of work and I didn't even know what I was working towards, but now I want the same for you

This means getting past your own excuses as to why you can't or don't have a social circle that fits you.  

This means finding out who the real you is!

I want you to experience the benefits of having a social circle that fits the real you.  I want you to experience: 

-Having a bunch of aligned connections who are interested in the same things you are.

-Having the support you need for your desires and visions.

-Being accepted no matter how you look, how tall or short you are, how awkward you are, no matter what weird things you’re into or social norms you’re not into, no matter what your race is, no matter what your gender is, or your sexual orientation.  

-A dynamic social life in a world of 7 billion people.

-The difference between surface-level, small-talk connections vs deep, authentic extremely compatible connections.

-Attending events with a bad ass social circle



This course lays out everything I know about social skills, social circles, tribes, and how you can attract the right social circle for the real you. 

It is laid out in three sections 

  1. Feeling Good / Cultivating Positivity / Self Care
  2. Social Skills
  3. Tribes

Most of the depth in Social Skills and Self Care.

All videos over 5 minutes are timestamped or summarized.  By "timestamped" I mean I went through the videos and highlighted main points.

Check out the free preview videos and the curriculum below to get a better sense of what it's like inside.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Mind Map (Outline of Course)

  • 2

    Self Care + Tools

    • Starting from Scratch - The First Step in Creating A Badass Social Circle (Experience)

    • How to Make Your Social Circle Fit you Like a Glove (Video + Main Points & Time Stamps) (Textbook)

    • Meditation Group Call (Video + Time Stamps) (Experience)

    • Visualization (Video) + Time Stamps (Textbook and Experience)

    • Great Resources for Visualization (Textbook)

    • Meditation and Visualization Exercise (Video + Time Stamps) (Experience)

    • Meet Your Needs Satisfy Your Curiosity (Time Stamps) (Textbook)

    • Gratitude (Video + Time Stamps)(Textbook)

  • 3


    • Finding a Hidden Belief Through Meditation and Why Beliefs Matter Socially (Experience)

    • Drop Lame Labels and Take on New Ones (Experience)

  • 4

    Social Skills (Expression + Timing)

    • Define Social Skills (Article)(Sooo Textbook)

    • Why are Social Skills Important? (Article) (Experience)

    • Can Social Skills Be Learned? (Article)(Experience)

    • Are you Awkward as Hell? Great! (Experience)

    • Masculine, Feminine and Inner Child Energies + Sexual Polarity (Article)(Textbook)(Fucking Important)

    • What If I Hate People? (Article)(Experience)

    • What if I'm not outgoing? (Article)(Experience)

    • If You're Struggling... (Video + Time Stamps)(Textbook)

    • Giving Without Expecting Anything Back is Badass (Experience)

    • Real Conversations are Badass (how to have real conversations)(Experience)

    • Treat Everyone How You Want To Be Treated (Video / Story)(Experience)

    • The Right People (Video)(Experience)

    • Learn the Language (Video)(Textbook + Experience)

    • Social Acceptance (Article)(Experience)

    • The Most Important Social Skill (Article) (Textbook)

  • 5


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About the instructor


Broderick Durisseau

My name is Broderick Durisseau, and I am very passionate about creation - creation of videos, e-books, courses, songs, blogs.  I've learned a lot about video in just a short amount of time by listening to other video creators and trying it on for myself.  My goal is to save you some time and effort by getting things right upfront.